36 Stores Like Anthropologie To Shop Online In 2021

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 31 stores like Anthropologie, now, in 2021.

‘BOHO’ comes from ‘bohemian style’, a word that describes an 18th-century clothing style popular with the intellectuals, artists, and creatives of those times.

The garments were literally worn-out by the wearers, giving them the vintage look, very much in vogue right now.

That is why the boho style is seen nowadays as a form of protest against fast fashion.

Thanks to Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller, Anthropologie has become the home of BOHO clothing styles.

If you’re like me, against fast fashion and a fan of boho clothing styles, you’ll love these 31 stores like Anthropologie.

To put this top together, I’ve contacted stylists, brand owners, store managers, and most importantly, other buyers of bohemian styles.

Without further ado, these are the best 31 stores like Anthropologie in 2021, for any taste and any budget.

$ | under $50
$$ | $50 – $100
$$$ | $100 – $200
$$$$ | $200 or more

1. Free People

Free People boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Free People


“A huge offering of boho clothing, highly curated for all tastes and budgets.”

Shop Free People

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

Free People is an American label known for a wide range of bohemian clothes and accessories that, according to the founders, convey an image of ‘femininity, courage, and spirit.’

Free People is owned by the retail giant URBN, which also owns Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

What makes Free People so popular with Boho clothing lovers is its level of curation and attention to aesthetics that resonates with a young female customer base.

The brand is operating in a whopping 1,400 specialty stores around the world with prices ranging from £10 up to £1,200 for Irene Gown, or even £1,400 for the Reversible Rockstar Coat.

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters boho clothing like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Urban Outfitters


“Affordable Boho clothing with a modern touch.”

Shop Urban Outfitters

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$

Part of the same company as Free People, Urban Outfitters is also an excellent store for boho clothes, but with a modern touch.

The store stocks an ample variety of Boho styles – maybe not as many as Anthropologie and stores like Free People.

Most importantly, all UO boho-style clothes I’ve found there are super trendy!

Also, Urban Outfitters’ women’s maxi, midi, and wraps are some of the cheapest options out there right now.

Make sure you check their women’s vintage clothing and retro clothing sections; you’ll be impressed with what’s in store.

3. Reformation

Reformation boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Reformation


“Best store like Anthropologie for sustainable boho clothing and vintage styles.”

Shop Reformation

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

If you’re looking to shop for sustainable Boho clothes, Reformation is a must.

Yes, Reformation has a heftier price tag (except on the thredUP store) on most of their clothes.

But, sometimes, paying a little extra is worth it, for your look and the plant, at the same time.

As the best descriptions of Reformation’s unique Boho style, think milkmaid tops, polka dots, and seasonal prints.

To top it off, Reformation is 100% carbon, water, and waste neutral, and even produces sustainability reports each year, to reassure their shoppers.

Personally, I shop at Reformation when I want Boho dresses made from unique and innovative (such as TENCEL, a regenerated cellulose fiber that is almost identical to cotton and is made from fast-growing eucalyptus trees).

4. ThredUP

ThredUp boho clothing stores like anthropologie
Courtesy: ThredUP


“A store for thrifted Boho clothes, at amazing prices.”

Shop ThredUP

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$

ThredUp is a great thrift store to find discounted Free People clothes.

ThredUp has thousands upon thousands of Boho garments on their online thrift shop, with prices ranging from $10 to $500 for some exclusive items.

I love the store for the easiness to search for favorite brands, rather than scroll through everything.

On top of getting excellent Boho dresses at the cheapest prices possible, ThredUp is also considered a sustainable way of shopping right now.

5. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Nordstrom Rack


“The best place for designer Boho clothes but at affordable prices.”

Shop Nordstrom Rack

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$$

If you’ve never checked out Nordstrom Rack for Boho clothes, you’re missing out big time.

You can find at Nordstrom Rack some of the Bohemian brands selling their collection very cheap.

Nordstrom Rack also stocks a ton of Free People clothes, again, at significantly lower prices.

Overall, Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find designer Boho brands at discounted prices.

Oh, I also love their Bohemian home section, don’t forget to check that out as well.

6. Madewell

Madewell boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Madewell


“High-quality Boho jeans at crazy prices – keep an eye on the sales!”

Shop Madewell


I love the minimalist trend that’s going around right now, and Madewell has the formula figured out.

From jeans to tees and everything in between, Madewell’s Bohemian clothing is loved by everyone.

I love Madewell for its simple boho basics with a contemporary twist.

Well-known for their quality jeans, Madewell has plenty of Boho styles.

Moreover, while the brand is cheaper than Free People, I always recommend waiting for special offers and discounted sales.

A full-price pair of Boho jeans can cost over $100.

Yet, I’ve scored great Boho trousers and jeans for under $20 during some fabulous sales.

Oh, before I move to the next one, Madewell is a must-check-out place for minimalistic jewelry.

7. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Brandy Melville


“Superb boho clothes, similar to Free People, but without breaking the bank.”

Shop Brandy Melville


Brandy Melville is known for its floral prints and neutral tones found on everything from trendy overalls to basic graphic tees.

They’re a one-size-fits-all Boho brand, so you’ll have to be wary of fit.

Once you’ve found a cut that fits you, most styles in stock are affordable, which is excellent for Boho lovers on a budget.

I have found Brandy Melville’s clothing extraordinarily soft and comfortable to wear as a perfect loungewear alternative.

Overall, Brandy Melville is a great store to get clothes similar to Free People without breaking the bank.

8. Dry Goods

Dry Goods boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Dry Goods


“Boho clothes from one of the OG’s of the style. Worth every penny.”

Shop Dry Goods

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

Dry Goods brand is part of Boho history.

Launched in 1872, the company operated had one of the oldest stores for Boho clothes.

The store was situated in a 20’ x 50’ rented storefront in downtown Davenport, Iowa.

Nowadays, Dry Goods stores bring the brand’s tradition of old-fashioned customer service to a new generation of Boho clothing customers.

But don’t let the words old-fashioned fool you

Modern Dry Goods store has an ever-changing selection of today’s newest fashion styles.

From clothing to jewelry to accessories, Dry Goods has everything you’ll need to pull together your latest look.

9. Francesca’s

Francesca's boho store like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Francesca’s


“Stylish Boho clothing that is both trendy and affordable.”

Shop Francesca’s

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

Francesca’s is a Boutique Boho brand and home to stunning dresses and matching accessories.

To me, everything Francesca’s putting up in her store is super cute.

Think cabbie hats, festival-ready clear bags, totes, and apparel for all tastes and budgets.

Overall, similar to stores like Dolls Kill, you can count on Francesca’s to find stylish Boho clothing that is both trendy and affordable.

10. For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: For Love & Lemons


“Adorable Boho lingerie sets.”

Shop For Love & Lemons

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$$

This brand is easily recognized for its smart lace and ruffles touch placed on almost everything.

But, ‘For Love and Lemons’ also stands out with fun prints, such as lemons – are you surprised? – and a huge selection of Boho undergarments and lingerie.

I often shop at For Love and Lemons as I am addicted to their adorable lingerie sets.

But, if you take the time to explore Love and Lemons, you’ll be amazed by their unique collections of clothes that replicate the bohemian style you can only find at Free People and Anthropologie stores.

11. One Teaspoon

One Teaspoon boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: One Teaspoon


“Superb Boho clothes with floral prints, lace accents, and embroidered elements.”

Shop One Teaspoon

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$$

The sweet Boho style isn’t only known for floral dresses and lace accents.

To me, a true Boho lover must have a stylish pair of jeans with printed or embroidered elements in the wardrobe.

And, this is precisely where One Teaspoon comes in handy.

This store is home to a variety of jeans with loud personalities.

Check out the brand, especially if you’re after super flared cuts with cheetah prints, as they have them all.

12. Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Show Me Your Mumu


“One-stop shop for Boho mavens and Boho brides.”

Shop Show Me Your Mumu

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

Love girly ruffle Boho dresses? Or, maybe you’re obsessed with leopard print midi skirts?

If that’s the case, you need to check out Show Me Your Mumu ASAP.

With a huge selection of Boho dresses beautifully styled in florals and stripes, Show Me Your Mumu is making a name for itself right now.

The brand has become the one-stop-shop for Boho mavens and even Boho brides.

Be on the lookout for fun combinations resulting from dream collaborations, such as the all-pink Malibu Barbie.

I shop at Show Me Your Mumu for my everyday Boho essentials.

But, one day, I’ll stop here for an entire collection of wedding wear (including wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses).

Many of their clothes give off that bohemian vibe while keeping up with the latest trends!

13. Tularosa

Tularosa boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Tularosa


“Inject some fresh ‘girlier’ vibes into your dated wardrobe.”

Shop Tularosa

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

Tularosa is another Bohemian store/brand like Anthropologie that doesn’t get the love it deserves.

I love the brand’s store for the wide range of printed, ruffled, and wrap dresses I can choose from.

Moreover, I am ever so happy to see how well Tularosa incorporates pastels and brighter colors into their Boho clothing styles.

My recommendation: check out Tularosa if you want to inject some fresh girlier vibes into your dated wardrobe.

14. Modcloth

Modcloth boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Modcloth


“Best store for retro and vintage Boho clothes.”

Shop Modcloth

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a retro or vintage Boho brand, Modcloth takes the cake.

Modcloth has everything from A-line dresses and skirts to unique shoes, sweaters, and Boho jumpers.

With oodles of colorful prints, Modcloth size-inclusive collections will let you show off your charming personality!

Overall, I find Modcloth a great spot to stock up on essentials Boho dresses that can be paired with ethical pieces to make a stand-out fashion statement at a meager cost.

For example, nearly everything Modcloth sells is under $40 (and a lot of it is made of cotton rather than polyester), so why not give them a try.

15. Cleobella

Cleobella boho fashion stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Cleobella


“Great to put together that ‘casual summer evening’ bohemian look.”

Shop Cleobella

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

If you love Free People, there’s no doubt you will love Cleobella’s Boho dresses and styles.

Cleobella is a California-based store that evokes profound bohemian vibes.

The brand’s creations will make you feel like you’re running through a field of sunflowers or having a picnic on the beach.

Overall, Cleobella is a great Boho store/brand like Free People and a great addition to Bohemian brands’ fast-growing realm.

16. Fillyboo

Fillyboo soho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Fillyboo


“Hand-made limited edition Boho clothing made by expert artisans.”

Shop Fillyboo


Fillyboo is an ethical fashion brand and the epitome of hand-made boho designs, from luxurious fabrics.

The label’s bohemian-style dresses are designed and hand-made in Australia.

Each piece is then hand-embroidered and crocheted by highly skilled artisans from Bali and Java.

I like this brand not only for its boho clothing styles but also for its support of small family businesses in both islands, and Australia as well.

17. Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull The Brand boho stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Faithfull The Brand


“Boho clothing for those free-spirited and culturally diverse at heart.”

Shop Faithfull The Brand

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

Adored by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Faithfull The Brand stands out amongst all boho brands for its whimsical prints.

More than a clothing brand, Faithfull The Brand represents a lifestyle that’s free-spirited, culturally diverse and hippie at heart.

The brand’s unique designs are a call to love the same clothing again and again, without being wasteful or inconsiderate.

Check out their feminine dresses, relaxed silhouettes, boho kimonos, and even classic vintage trousers.

The label stocks lots of boho accessories, makeup bags, travel bags, and many, many more amazing boho items.

18. Lovestitch

Lovestitch boho stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Lovestitch


“A fresh range of boho clothing, of unique ‘Californian vibe’.”

Shop Lovestitch

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

Lovestitch is a boho clothing brand of unknown origin, often recommended as a brand similar to Fillyboo.

Self-titled “The home of bohemian and feminine fashion”, Lovestitch features the latest boho trends and vintage-inspired collections for women.

I often shop at Lovestitch when I need a fresh range of boho clothing or that unique ‘Californian vibe’.

I always find there great pants, jackets, sweaters, crop tops, of vintage inspiration, and modern flattering cuts.

19. Farm Rio

Farm Rio boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Farm Rio


“Beautiful Boho clothing with an ethical cause at the core.”

Shop Farm Rio

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

Launched by a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (that believe in the existence of happiness), Farm Rio is a brand that Anthropologie carries on its website.

More than a boho-style brand, Farm Rio has been fostering cultural movements since 1997.

The brand takes vintage styles and infuses them with an elevated, feminine boho aesthetic.

Believers in good energies and beautiful frequencies, the brand founders seek: “colors and shapes that nature brings to your eyes and to your feelings.”

Definitely not an Anthropologie knock-off, this brand supports local culture, heritage, craftsmanship, and fights to keep them alive.

For each piece sold via their official website, the company plants a tree in the Amazon Rainforest.

20. Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox boho stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Stone Cold Fox


“Great Boho clothes for the evening and lazy weekends at home with your loved ones.”

Shop Stone Cold Fox


Here’s another boho clothing label from Los Angeles, that I love a lot.

Stone Cold Fox takes inspiration from the delicacy of vintage clothing and seeks to make it fresh again.

The brand also has beautiful bohemian-style wedding dresses.

In the creation of its unique boho lines, the designer draws inspiration from classic celebs and designers such as Jane Birkin and Ossie Clark.

The aim of the label is to show off the best features of a woman’s figure.

Accordingly, each piece has a perfect finish, designed to take you from day to evening, week to weekend, and home to travels away.

21. Everlane

Everlane boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Everlane


“Oversized bohemian tote bags, vintage carpet bags, or pure boho backpacks.”

Shop Everlane

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

Everlane’s boho styles are quality crafted with attention to comfort and sustainability.

Everlane’s collections focus on denim, making sure anything you choose matches beautifully with the good old pair of blue jeans.

You can also pair Everlane’s boho styles with oversized bohemian tote bags, vintage carpet bags, or pure boho backpacks.

Moreover, since jeans couture is at the core of anything that Everlane does, the brand sources its denim from sustainable sources only with respect to Fair Trade standards.

22. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Lucky Brand


“Excellent for Boho denim dresses, jeans, and jackets.”

Shop Lucky Brand

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

Regarded as an American classic, Lucky Brand is more known for its boho denim styles.

However, don’t think that Lucky Brand is all about denim.

The brand is now making excellent boho shirts, jackets, activewear, and dresses.

Lucky Brand’s design philosophy is quite simple: “Designed to be worn forever.”

I also like Lucky Brand for its open support to several philanthropic causes.

For example, the brand donates a percentage of its monthly sales and clothing garments as well.

23. Minkpink

Minkpink boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Minkpink


“The only store that has vegan clothing in Boho style.”

Shop Minkpink

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

Launched by the Australian designer Rachel Evans in 2005, Minkpink fosters young talents and their creativity and craft.

With a very simple design philosophy based on what she would wear, Minkpink has become one of the top 5 boho brands in Australia.

Minkpink’s maxi dresses and boho beachwear is my go-to clothing line when I need effortless chic, fashionable comfort, and enlightened style.

Minkpink also stands out from the pack thanks to its clever play of colors and patterns.

Finally, from all stores like Free People, this Australian brand special in styles and cuts that are preserving the rare art of aborigen boho tailoring.

24. MISA Los Angeles

MISA Los Angeles boho stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: MISA Los Angeles


“Boho clothes that’ll leave you daydreaming of an exotic holiday in the sun.”



If you love that relaxed holiday feel, MISA Los Angeles must be on your favorite boho brands list.

Launched in 2016, the brand is deeply inspired by the founder’s love for travel, art, and design.

MISA elevates the idea of effortless bohemian femininity, easy dressing, and fluid silhouettes.

All of MISA’s pieces are handmade in Los Angeles by a team of expert designers, pattern-makers.

Many loving hands touch each garment — some with over 50 steps — in order to bring the collection to life each season.

The brand is offering breezy boho dresses and skirts hand-made from airy fabrics, confident prints.

Love them for their unique detailing and colors that’ll leave you daydreaming of an exotic holiday in the sun.

25. Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Wardrobe of Tomorrow boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Wardrobe of Tomorrow


“The best online store for luxury Boho clothing.”

Shop Wardrobe of Tomorrow


Wardrobe of Tomorrow is a marketplace dedicated exclusively to sustainable clothing designers from all over the world.

I was recommended this online store by a friend that’s into sustainable luxury fashion and indeed, it has lots of amazing pieces that you can wear with pride.

And, amongst all that sustainable and ethical luxury galore, I’ve found some luxury boho clothing that I really like.

Some of the most recommended Boho brands from this store like Anthropologie are Fanmmon, Sanikai, Ailanto, My Sleeping Gypsy,

26. We Are Kindred

We Are Kindred boho style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: We Are Kindred


“Feminine, sensual, free, and modern Boho clothes you’ll love to wear.”

Shop We Are Kindred

PRICE RANGE | $$ – $$$

From all stores like free people, We Are Kindred has a unique story that begins with two sisters and their vision.

Launched in 2013 by Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, the brand is drawing from over 30 years of collective experience in the fashion industry.

The designers use their experience in fashion magazine editing, design, buying, and development to create effortless modern luxury with a touch of bohemian style.

To me, this Australian label is a celebration of harmony and symbiosis, thanks to its unique aesthetics.

We Are Kindred is feminine, sensual, free, and yet modern and innovative.

The brand is famous for its rich fabrications, embellishments, and bespoke prints.

27. Spell – Spell

Spell – Spell boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Spell – Spell


“Boho clothes that allude to dreams of freedom, hippie vibes, spells, and wilderness.”

Shop Spell-Spell

PRICE RANGE | $$$ – $$$$

Also known as Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Spell is one of the brands like Free People that brings a unique, modern-bohemian style.

The boho fashion label is from the idyllic beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia.

Inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures, and childhood memories, Spell’s boho designs allude to dreams of freedom, hippie vibes, spells, and wilderness.

Spell’s feminine dresses are oozing of turquoise love, florals, and age-old laces, whispering to your own childhood.

The brand taps into that sense of nostalgia, beauty, and freedom that so compliments the female spirit.

All garments are proudly designed and sampled in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay and produced ethically in factories around the world.

28. Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger boho style fashion stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Wolf & Badger


“Great Boho denim pieces you won’t find anywhere else.”

Shop Wolf & Badger

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$

I guess that after wearing lots of their garments, I can safely say that nobody loves denim as much as Wolf & Badger.

I love this store for the excellent Boho pants, jumpsuits, shirts, and dresses made of super soft denim.

The overall vibe is rustic yet comfy, infused with lots of Boho favorites such as old-style flannels and vintage joggers.

29. Shop Style

Shop Style boho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: @shopstyle


“The only search platform on this list that lets you find out the trendiest Boho styles.”

Shop Shop Style

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$$

ShopStyle is a digital shopping platform owned by Ebates.

Launched in 2007 as a Web search engine for fashion, ShopStyle was thereafter transformed into a fashion marketplace and inspiration engine.

ShopStyle lists over 15 million products across apparel, accessories, beauty, home furnishings, and kids’ items.

To date, the platform drives around $1 billion in gross sales, thanks to its global network of 1,400 retailers.

ShopStyle is also the commerce engine behind ShopStyle Collective, a network of 14,000 bloggers, bloggers, and social media users who use ShopStyle’s platform to earn money from the sales they drive to retailers.

I recommend the platform to see what’s new on the market, and what Boho clothes people buy or want the most.

30. Zalando

Zalando boho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Zalando


“The only online store that stocks European Boho styles.”

Shop Zalando

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$

While Anthropologie store gets a lot of love, most Boho buyers tend to ignore stores like Zalando.

But, from all stores on this list, Zalando is the only one that stocks European Boho styles.

I personally love Zaland0’s super flared jeans and tie-dye sweatshirts.

Moreover, the store has all the trappings for a French-cool boho vibe.

Overall, Zalando is a store worth checking for the staple items that encompass, with success, the classic bohemian style.

31. Asos

Asos boho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Asos


“Great for casual Boho dresses, from balloon sleeve minis’ to smock midis’ in a patchwork print.”


PRICE RANGE | $ – $$$

I consider Asos the hidden gem of Bohemian styles, and an excellent store for those looking for rare Boho dresses.

Compared to all stores like Anthropologie on this list, Asos stands out thanks to its casual Boho styles.

Unexpectedly, Asos store stocks some of the most amazing Bohemian dresses out there right now, even compared to Free People, for example.

So, if you’re looking for a balloon sleeve mini dress in multi paisley print or a puff sleeve smock midi dress in patchwork print, the Asos Boho store is the best by far.

32. Topshop

Topshop boho clothing style stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Asos


“Great for a wide variety of Boho clothes, on the gen Z side of the style.”

Shop Topshop

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

Topshop is another very affordable alternative store to Anthropologie.

I personally often visit Topshop’s stores, hoping to catch some of their latest boho-inspired selections.

Topshop remains an excellent store for those of us who tend to have many different Boho styles, in particular fresh styles and cuts.

If you find yourself throwing on a flowery dress one day and a graphic tee with ripped jeans the next day, you’ll love Topshop.

33. Zara

Zara boho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Zara


“Very affordable wrap, pleated, and floral printed dresses.”



While Zara doesn’t advertise themselves with that bohemian vibe, they have unique clothes that free people will appreciate.

But, Boho is a perennial trend that never goes out of style.

At the same time, Zara is known for always staying on top of the latest trends.

For this reason alone, Zara stores are perfect reservoirs for this style.

In fact, Zara has been in the Boho clothing game for a while now!

I recommend Zara if you are looking for wrap dresses, pleated dresses, and floral printed dresses.

In true boho-meets-business fashion, you can wear these pieces either at work or while going out with your friends.

Also, Zara’s prices are a lot more affordable than most stores like Anthropologie available right now.

34. H&M

H&M boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: H&M


“Unique blends of bohemian with streetwear styles”

Shop H&M


H&M is already very famous for its affordable Boho styles.

By some Boho fashion lovers, H&M was initially seen as a competitor to the Anthropologie store.

But while stocking a lot of bohemian clothes, what makes H&M unique is the blend of floral prints and embroidery with streetwear clothing, for that extra glamorous punch.

So, if you’re looking for clothing that makes you stand out from the crowd, save a search for this must-have store.

35. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal boho style clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Nasty Gal


“Good for cheap Boho clothes.”

Shop Nasty Gal


Nasty gal is a cheap fashion retailer and a great spot to find amazing deals.

The store has 50% off everything Boho – almost every day.

But, if they don’t have any discounts when you visit the store, you should wait and recheck the next day.

However, as most of their Boho pieces are made of polyester, I would shop with caution.

Also, I have found some of their dresses (mind you, not Boho ones) of low quality that get ruined after just a few washes.

36. Boohoo

Boohoo boho clothing stores like Anthropologie
Courtesy: Boohoo


“Cheapest Boho clothes out there – however, it does not mean the most durable or sustainable.”

Shop Boohoo

PRICE RANGE | $ – $$

Boohoo is a fast-fashion online retailer that has received a lot of criticism more recently.

The brand was accused of modern slavery and for being unsustainable in its manufacturing practices.

But, if you can close a blind eye to that, Boohoo is a very cheap alternative to Anthropologie.

Think dresses, tees, bras, bodysuits, and even swimwear.

I have found Boohoo Boho clothes incredibly versatile and ready to match with almost everything I already have in my wardrobe.

So, if you’re looking for Boho essentials and you’re on a budget, this store is for you.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these stores like Anthropologie is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great boho stores like Anthropologie you know about and want to add to this list?

From all stores like Anthropologie on this list, what’s your top 3 and why?

Please share your comments below so other women can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

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